My World Tuesday, Season 3, Episode 22

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Sorry for today's delay!  For some reason it was saved as a draft. My bad!

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Anonymous said...

well done !!!

Gizelle said...

can't see mr.linky...

Gizelle said...

Oh, just read the entry being saved as draft :D

jo©o said...

I thought this was once a week.
My first time here.

Ecobirder said...

Houston we have a problem!

jo©o said...

I'm a touch confused here:-)
Are we off?
As the Queen mum used to say.

Antonette said...

Hey! I'm actually here at 3PM EST to get my choice for MWT in on time!

It's actually a continuation from last week's picture. Hope you like it.


Dina said...

Shalom to all and happy 100th International Women's Day.

Autumn Belle said...

Happy MWT and Happy International Women's Day to everyone! My world today is about a rare butterfly named after a white rajah.

Jan Halvard said...

Have a nice weekend!

Jan Halvard,
norwegian in La Paz, Bolivia
¡Buenos dias Bolivia!

Rosie said...

MY entry for MWT is actually part of my world for a short time when I was traveling in that region. Sharing what I saw with you guys.

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Should you tell it ??” a gross blunder.