Mr. Linky Help

Since mistakes are made - we're all human - here's how to get them sorted out.

  1. First thing to remember is - that Mr. Linky automatically fills out the fields with your previous entry.
    If you specify your link to go to the MyWorld post directly, remember to check again, B E F O R E you submit.
  2. Too late? Already submitted? Don't worry. See the Smiley next to your entry?
    Click it and you can delete your entry and re-submit back at the MyWorld Page.
  3. Does not work? The MyWorld team will help. Send an email to either
    skywatchmyworld AT gmail DOT COM or iosttun AT gmail DOT COM, letting us know the entry number - and we'll fix it for you!
  4. Don't forget to put in your name AND country, like "MyName, Italy"
Please do NOT:
  • Submit more than once
  • Add something like "Corrected" or "Working" in a fixed link.
  • Avoid writing a book, instead of your name. We will delete overly long entries
    and re-post them in a shorter version. Why? To avoid breaking the layout, making the
    Mr. Linky entry area much larger then it needs to be.
  • Submit the same image on two different sites.

Hope that helps!
Your MyWorld Team

Questions? Visit the Questions Page!