Da Rulez

Ok - just to put one thing forward. We created a few rules, to make MyWorld workable for all.
We're no pea counters or hair splitters and we don't need perfection.
But to provide a nice experience for all involved - some rules needed to be put in place and we ask you the nicest way we can, to follow them - and we will even explain, why we have them.

MyWorld gives you quite a bit of latitude - on what kind of images can be shown.
However: MyWorld posts should not be combined with other memes. From rural to urban, from architectural to nature, from celebrations to big feasts almost everything is possible. Almost? Yes - the moment your image leaves the range of being family friendly, chances are that we will remove your entry. But that is not really a big issue - has happened only once or twice in thousands of submissions. It is also quite obvious that it should be your own image (or that of a family member or close friend), that you have the right to publish. Please do not! snatch images from the internet to show as MyWorld contribution. Where's the fun in that?

1. Have your MyWorld post posted on your Website BEFORE entering in Mr. Linky.
Why? Visitors come to see a MyWorld Post. So standing them up is not very nice!

2. You have a MyWorld post. Right? So please mark it as a MyWorld Post!
Why? That pretty much is self explanatory. You can note that in the title or at the beginning of the text.

3. Invite others to watch and join with a link back to the main MyWorld Site.
Why? We have no commercial interest in ranking of search engines. We don't place ads or take any advantage of you linking to us - other than promoting the MyWorld community itself. You yourself probably came to MyWorld first, because you clicked a link back. Right? So please, be a sport and invite others, too! If you have a badge with link in the sidebar - point it out! You don't NEED to have an image or a badge, though it is cooler. But saying something like:
Go and check out more MyWorld images at the MyWorld Site! will do!

4. Take the time and check your Mr. Linky entry for errors BEFORE you submit!
Why? Mistakes are made quite often, double links, not working links etc. are the result. And we don't see the all the time, to fix them. (If you already made one - check the Mr. Linky Help, and you can fix it on your own!

5. Remember to add your Name AND Country in Mr. Linky!
Why? Well - MyWorld is about the World. So it is nice to see on one glance, where the entry will lead you!

6. Keep your Name entry short and sweet. Please: No All Caps, No Special characters, No complete Life Stories No promotions. Please keep it under 25 characters
  • Why? While we understand, that you would like your Mr. Linly entry to stand out, by using All Caps or special characters like : " ***### LOOK AT ME!! I'M HERE!!!***", we want everyone to have the same chances. Add to it fact, that it becomes not easy to read, if everyone would do that
  • Mr. Linky links appear in three columns. Whenever an entry is made that goes over 25 characters, a new line is being created and the table doubles in height - meaning all of us have to scroll much more. And since nobody likes scrolling too much - be kind and stay under 25 characters.
7. If you have a commercial Site (meaning you earn money with it), you need the permission of the MyWorld Team, to participate!
Why? MyWorld would like to provide a pleasant experience. We do not want to send visitors to sites with questionable content or business practices. While getting paid for Blogging for example might just be ok, when properly disclosed in each post. Doing so without proper disclosure in every post! is something we do not condone, and we will not tolerate MyWorld to be associated with these sites. The same holds true for sites, that only participate in MyWorld to get traffic and potentially harvest email Addresses.

8. Please be considerate, when commenting!
Why? Even if you have a nice product, Website or whatever comes to mind - MyWorld is not the place to
promote it. Participants who incorporate advertising in comments they make on sites of our participants,
will be warned and if they continue to plug their product, banned from participating at
We are strictly non-commercial - we don't advertise, place ads and we ask you to respect, that
only agenda is having fun - everything else has to stay out. Thank you for your understanding.

What if...

Your Link is gone or suddenly at the end of the field.
Why? Two possible reasons: Technical glitch (a one in ten chance) or we deleted it. Here's a lowdown, when your link will or may be deleted. Breaking Rules 1-4 will most likely result in deletion. When possible we try to contact you, if only either rule 2 or 3 is involved. If it isn't fixed after a while - we delete. We also immediately delete any kind of promotion or when links point to commercial or scam sites. If your Link appears all over sudden at the end - you probably went overboard in length. It will be deleted and re-entered re-formatted at the end.

Do you censor?
No - and Yes.
Huh? Usually it is none of our business, what you write, show or sell in your blog. But to give you an example, where we will act. If you have a happy Porn site going and decide to make a MyWorld Post - chances are, that your link will be history. MyWorld is family friendly and parents are doing MyWorld with their kids. So - while we really don't judge what exactly it is, that you are doing, there are sites we consider not family friendly and will remove the links to them from the MyWorld site. We follow up on complaints, and act upon them if necessary. In short - Racism, Violence, Porn, Hate or Scam site owners - not a chance! And purely commercial sites that try to sell you, stand a good chance to be removed, when the MyWorld post is pretty lonely on a page between: "Buy this now" and "125% off - if you act now!"

For direct questions go to our questions page or drop us a mail!
skywatchmyworld AT gmail DOT com