My World Tuesday, Season 3, Episode 44

Thou Shall Not Pass
Klaus Peter, 1960-2011

We are sorry to share with all the MyWorld Tuesday and Skywatch Friday participants news of the passing our friend and fellow blogger Klaus Peter. Klaus was an active participant, supporter, and eventually owner/maintainer of Skywatch and the founder of That's My World. He loved nature, photography, and sharing his knowledge and beautiful images with us all. We can't begin to say how much we will miss him.

Today's post on his blog, Virtua Gallery, featured this photo which he titled "Thou Shall Not Pass." It is a fitting tribute and farewell to him, and in his honor we will publish My World Tuesday with the words and graphics Klaus always used. I hope you will join me in dedicating this week's posts to Klaus.

Update August 20,2011

Sandy, Sylvia, and Wren have decided that this memorial will be the last My World post. My World was Klaus's baby, and to continue without him doesn't seem right. We will continue to remember and to miss him even as we know he can never be replaced.

-- Wren, Sylvia, & Sandy

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